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With our mobile and flexible distribution centers, we offer real and sensible alternatives for the last mile in parcel logistics. Particularly in inner cities, but also on the surface, we can effectively counter the growing need for parking space and traffic volume caused by more and more courier vehicles with decentralized solutions.


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KERN – Intelligent logistics systems for the new shipping world

Especially on the last mile, sustainable delivery concepts should be used, which enable environmentally friendly and resource-saving delivery logistics. KERN Industrieautomation has been established in the demanding market for plant engineering and plant control systems for many years.

A few years ago, we additionally established the business field of safety engineering and steel construction. In other words, exactly what a sorting plant in a logistics center consists of: steel structures, safety equipment and automated control of the complete plant. Our expertise in the design, construction and control of stationary and mobile sorting systems was virtually inherited by the new Logistics Systems business unit. Today, we offer complete and turnkey logistics solutions on every scale.

Alternative sorting technology in the logistics chain

With the alternative decentralized sorting technology, the large number of parcels shipped daily reaches the respective roll-out areas much closer and thus closer to the customers.


The KERN S-Depot

Thanks to the modular design, it is possible to replace individual containers together with the installed conveyor technology and thus implement the new conditions and processes at short notice.

The KERN Regio Depot

With Regio LE, parcels and goods are distributed as needed and at specific points in a defined delivery area for delivery.

The KERN micro depot

The perfect solution for urban space conditions. With its 3.53 t, it also fits into narrow old town alleys.